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Autism Spectrum disease (ASD)

Autism Spectrum disease(ASD) is a group of Brain Developmental Disorder which affects the growth by hinders the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical growth of an individual.

This Disease is said to be a developmental disorder because mostly the symptoms of Autism appear in the initial ages of an individual (first two years of life), where severity and symptoms of an individual may vary widely based on the environment the child is exposed to.

Understanding Autism through Ayurveda

Autism in Ayurveda can be roughly correlated with Tamoguna Pradhana Tridoshic Vyadhi (disease that occurs due to vitiation of three doshas (Vataj, Pittaj, Kaphaj) along with Tamo Guna mentioned in our Classical Ayurveda Texts) which affects the Doshic Level and Mind within Garbhashaya (Pregnancy) itself, which in turn may affect mental and physical development of child.

Causes Of Autism

There are multiple causes which leads to Autism Spectrum Disease, but generally it can be categorized as:-

  • Genetic Mutations
  • Fragile X syndrome and other genetic disorders
  • History of viral infections
  • Complications during birth of a child
  • Low Birth Weight
  • Family History of Autism
  • Metabolic Imbalances
  • Born to older parents
  • Exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins
  • Marriage between blood relations

Sign And Symptoms

There are multiple signs and symptoms involved in Autism, But majorly it involves:-

1. Improper social behavior

Children finds it very difficult to get socialized and interact with family and friends exhibiting characters like

  • Impairment of body, posture and eye contact
  • Less or no social smiling
  • Lack of mutual sharing of interests: many children with autism prefer not to play or interact with others
  • Lack of awareness or understanding of other people's thoughts or feelings
  • Atypical behaviors for attention
  • Children prefer to be alone

2. Difficulty in communications

  • Inability to concentrate on a topic for a period of time
  • Unable to combine words and make sentences
  • Facial expressions: impaired use of proper facial expressions
  • Unusual speech: at least half of children with autism speak in a flat, monotone voice
  • Atypical behaviors for attention
  • Persistent repetition of words or actions

3. Stereotypic movements and patterns of behavior

  • Fixation of certain activities or objects
  • Repetitive behaviors such as rocking, hand flapping, finger flicking, head banging, or repeating phrases or sounds
  • Hyperactivity
  • Lack of coordination


Autism is a Neurodevelopmental Disease, which can be identified by the parents at a very young age of children, as the hindrance in child's development leads to delayed milestones of the child, addition to this the second step is taking the child for different screening tests which can be classified as follows

  • STAT: Screening tool for autism in 2 year old
  • M-CHAT: Modified checklist for autism in toddlers
  • CHAT: Checklist for autism in toddlers
  • PDDST 2: Stage 2 pervasive developmental disorders screening test

All these screen tests involves session of FAQ's for parents to assess the physical and mental growth of the child

Laboratory Investigations consists of

  1. Genetic testing: carried to rule out chromosomal abnormalities
  2. Metabolic testing: to rule out metabolic disorders
  3. EEG: Many children with ASD will have epileptic history. To rule out epilepsy EEG is performed
  4. Neuro imaging to exclude those with disorders other than autism.

Our Natural Treatment of Autism

Ayurveda, the classical text describes three major parts of human memory(manas) i.e.

And, balanced coordination of all the above mentioned mental qualities determines the intelligence of the human brain. It has been observed that the greater the Dhi impounds quick learning; the higher the Dhriti enhances the analytical power. in turn allowing Smriti to instantaneously recall the past.

  • Dhi (short-term memory i.e. grasping power),
  • Dhriti (analysis power), &
  • Smriti (retention & recall)

Here, At Rishta Pusht our unique treatment concept for both syndromic autism (intellectual deficit compounds with several other disorder such as Down syndrome) & non-syndromic autism (intellectual deficit is unitary) allows the body of the patient to heal naturally through blend of Herbs and Minerals, by expelling out the accumulated toxins residing in our cells in the minutest levels & decrease the manifestation of other diseases. Our prescribed therapies for autism to control Vata allow the patients to eliminate sensory allergies (light & sound) by integrating themselves with the environment and enhancing the power of brain and body cells to initiate Mental and Physical Development as whole. The optimization of Vata also helps to improve verbal communication in autistic patients,and the combination of Natural Ayurvedic Blend especially helps by controlling speech,concentration,memory,learning and neurological response of the affected individual. Along with, working on natural modalities such as diet, exercises, Yoga, Pranayama , lifestyle management for autistic individuals along with natural supplements for autism can effectively tackle this condition by maintaining an optimal healthy physical and mental state

Herbs for Autism

  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)
  • Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)
  • Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
  • Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
  • Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis)

Consultation/treatment/services provided through this website is not intended to replace the mainstream medicines and services of contemporary health practitioners in the diagnosis and treatment of illness or disease. The use and application of the therapy provided here is complementary and alternative to mainstream medicines. It is to be used by patient with his/her discretion and sole responsibility. Treatment provided has not been evaluated or certified by Medical Council of India/Board of Ayurveda. The treatment provided is not the last word to recovery in the chronic diseases and does not promise 100% result. But, it is long term, slow acting therapeutic procedure aiming at strengthening and rejuvenating the body's own mechanisms for healing including diet and lifestyle changes. IT IS NEITHER A MEDICAL PLAN NOR A SUBSTITUTE FOR CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL TREATMENT. It is therapy that slowly improves immune system, incorporating healthy habits for health improvement and helps in preventing risk of imbalances leading to chronic diseases. The treatment may directly or indirectly result in minor adverse effects/ or temporary discomfort including, but not restricted to headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loose stools, fatigue etc., which can subside later on. If you face persistent medical condition or your symptoms are severe and unrelenting, please do consult a mainstream Physician. Patients taking consultation/treatment will do so as per their cost affordability, judiciousness and responsibility and no onus of any kind lies on ND CARE Nirogam (P) Ltd.

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