Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines

There are ayurvedic herbal formulae, available in india easily that will gently remove the toxins and also regenerate the damaged tissues as a result of the toxins. Please take medicines for 6 months at least as indicated below. ‘NIROGAM’ LIV CARE CAPSULES – This medicine detoxifies the entire body and purifies the liver thus aiding the rapid removal of all heavy metals quickly from the body. It also amplifies the effects of the specific herbs such as Brahmi which are used to remove toxicity from the brain and purify the neural channels. To be taken with hot water 2-3 tablets twice a day.

Some kids with CP use wheelchairs and others walk with the help of crutches or braces. In some cases, a kid's speech may be affected or the person might not be able to speak at all.

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Nirogam Brain Tone

This medicine contains Brahmi and Shankpushpi. It should be taken in a relatively large dose of at least 2 CAPSULES/3 TABS/4 TSF. twice daily. It can be taken with hot water as the vehicle of the medicine. Special note if the child will not take tablets both products listed above are available as a syrup too but first try the tablets. Hot spiced and sweetened (with jaggery) organic milk with brahmi powder (1 ½ tsp) should be taken first thing in the morning and just before bedtime. Brahmi with milk is a special elixir for autism. The milk must only be cows milk from happy organic cows. Quite easily available in most major centres in INDIA Special Note: If constipation is there, hot milk with ghee and ginger powder should be taken before bedtime as a home remedy. It can be slightly sweated with jaggery or raw organic sugar. If constipation is more chronic take 1-2 tablets of Triphalla nightly with hot water. Please be patient with herbs. You will need 2-3 months to start seeing results but please administer diligently. As children start to purify and regenerate the damaged tissues they will take more to the herbal medicines as they will know their efficacy from experience.

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